You and your skin after the pandemic.

Posted on: 5th May 2021

We are in a very different world to the one we were in 18 months ago.The world has changed and so has beauty and how we look after our skin.

Beauty salons ceased, and people were forced to reconsider and reestablish their beauty routines which has shed  a different reflection and approach to the industry.
There has been a shift in what are priorities with all realising that too much money is being wasted on unwanted products. 

The realisation for reuse and renew regarding packaging, and  protecting the environment being at the forefront.
We are amazingly adaptable as human beings, which has shown so much over this strange period. We are more in touch with people from afar, showing ourselves on screen more than ever before.
We are all in a society recovering from the impact covid has had.
With innovation and reinvention we can continue to change our old habits and welcome new skills.
With sustainability being a strong force it makes sense to start to learn more and more about the precious vitamins and minerals we can find in our herbs and natural sources.
Whereas the natural way is not everyones way,  unfortunately being on- screen more often and with people looking closely at their own faces and others, there has been a huge rise in injectable treatments readily available.

Here at Cocoahous, and as its founder, I personally would like to see more people use natural ingredients on their face, making everything more sustainable (no packaging), natural and exciting to make, with fast results.

We can find the essential skin vitamins and minerals in natural products and also learn about new non invasive treatments to excite the skin.

I try and test everything on my own skin and have used treatments to help to age healthily and all of it can be done to look as good as the next person.
It's all about taking the reins in your own hands, and being in charge of your own skin.