Collagen and all you need to know in a nutshell.

Your body naturally produces Collagen, it is responsible for the health and well being of your skin and bones. It is a protein that is otherwise known as the glue that holds the above together. Think of Gelatin, this is basically cooked Collagen.

As we age collagen declines in our bodies, leaving our skin, hair and bones weaker and brittle. This is why it is very important to make sure our levels are kept topped up, for our own health and ageing factors. They come in capsule, powder or liquid form, some people now go to extremes and have collagen injections, but I personally find it unnecessary. I take a capsule everyday, as the powders tend to not mix well and are pretty disgusting to taste unless they have a flavour. I haven't tried the liquid form as I am quite happy with the capsules. Collagen supplements will help with strengthen your hair, skin and bones, giving a general all round better appearance. Your skin feels fresher and more youthful giving a radiant glow.

Another gold tip to share with you.