What Our Lovely Clients Say

With teenage girls skin care is a daily battle to keep blemish free. Kate spoke to each daughter individually about their skin care routine. Kate explained to them how the skin works and how to find out what best suits their individual skin type. I would definitely recommend Kate's services.
Hannah Davies, Knighton, South Shropshire
As a woman in my 40's, I thought that I had a fairly good understanding of my skin. However, having had a 30 minute consultation with Kate, I've realised that I can definitely improve my skin regime. Kate was informative and obviously has a huge passion for skin care and I really felt that she was interested in me. What a pleasure to speak to someone with as much knowledge as Kate! I'm looking forward to trying out some facial oil and will definitely be looking out for products with vitamins A,C & E! Thanks so much Kate at Cocoahous....would thoroughly recommend!
Louise Tandy, wolverhampton
My skin has been problematic for years - sensitive, constant outbreaks, going from dry, red and aggravated to outbreaks of spots. I’ve spent a fortune on products and never seen results and it has really got me down at times.
I met Kate, found out about what she does and was intrigued. We had a consultation during lockdown with me sending photos and descriptions of how my skin acts and everything I was. She has helped me totally strip back what I use to very natural products. My skin feels so much calmer and less angry. It’s amazing to use stuff from my kitchen cupboards but that still feels nice and luxurious but at a fraction of the price. It has been life changing for me.
Sarah, Shropshire
Kate is a very experienced skincare professional with years of experience who has helped myself and my teenage daughter in stripping things back to basics and not spending ££ on different shop shelf products .... But ..... Looking in your own kitchen for natural products which is surely the best thing to do! Fantastic results!!!
Corrine Mitchell, Shropshire
Kate is a joy to work with! She has masses of great skincare tips and knowledge, and I just love her non-judgemental, personable attitude. I also appreciate her down-to-earth approach to skin care and make-up, and her belief that you can have great skin on a very reasonable budget. She incorporates treatments that you can make from items from your own store cupboard and existing skincare products. After my recent consultation, I tried out a Honey and Rose Oil facial mask………. lovely! Can’t wait for my next consultation when Kate will coach me on a natural “less is more approach” to applying my make-up. I have always loved a natural look, and this is especially important as my skin matures!

I'll be honest. I thought my skin was happy with a quick wash and a slather of moisturiser.... It probably tolerated it for so long due to me having good genes... But ageing catches up with everyone, and my worries started with the appearance of fine lines and crepy skin round my eyes. When I looked in the mirror I could see my parents looking back. Kate taught me that skincare needn't be complicated or expensive, I just needed to be taught how to 'listen' to my skin and know what I could use to nourish and protect it properly . Kate isn't affiliated to any brand and advocates natural concoctions; she's an honest, straight talking northerner with years of experience in skincare. I thought I knew what I was doing at 44. I didn't really. My skin is so much happier now I've introduced a few little changes, and Kates follow-up consultation has kept me on track. If you're like me, a simple girl with a simple routine but aging is creeping up on you, you will not be disappointed in Kates advice. Thank you. ❤️
Catherine Cooke.
Would highly recommend a session with Katie, worth the small cost, for a big return on investment. The last month, every time I go to put my makeup on, I’m so happy with how much my skin glows!!! I haven’t had skin like this since I was a child! It was helpful to have a follow up session to tweak what I was using. The biggest difference for me is being able to go to my kitchen cupboards when I run out of product, and when I do have a small outbreak, knowing how to clear it. Before I would have hammered it with the wrong products and made it much worse. Katie’s experience, knowledge and advice has been priceless for me and changes how i feel day in day out.
Fiona Steele
If you’re looking for advice about how to look after and improve your skin, using products that are beneficial, and would like a consultation with someone with many years experience in this area, then contact Kate Begley at Cocoahous. Kate is my sister in law and loves helping people to learn how to look after their skin better.
Helen Haywood Abersoch, Wales